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IT Consultant Internship for Engineering Management Undergraduates and Graduates

Azienda: TechEdge spa

We recruit graduates to join as Sap Consultants. What does a Consultant do? You'll be assigned to a team working on a client issue. You'll never be alone: you'll learn on the job thanks to Pair Programming, to our Inside Tracks and to the team's daily Meetings. You'll slowly become an expert on a range of components, products and processes. You'll work on a variety of industries; hence, you'll understand how business processes work, what clients need and how we keep them happy. By the end of your tenure as Consultant you'll have decided whether you are more inclined to be a technology Guru or a hybrid business and IT consultant. It will be up to you. To join you don't need to have IT skills: you only need intellectual curiosity and interest in technology applied to business. We will teach you the rest. We are interested in meeting both Bachelor and Master graduates and students. Please note that to work in any of our Italian offices you must speak fluent Italian. We have a huge community of Università Roma 3 Management Engineering alumni working with us and achieving excellent results! The length of the internship is of at least 3 months, the ideal is 6. This is because you will need the right amount of time to learn and to contribute to the team’s work. The salary amounts to 800 euros per month. To apply you must: - Be happy to work in a team - Possess good communication skills - Fluent or native Italian - Working knowledge of English.

Professione : Consulente software
Figura professionale : Tecnici esperti in applicazioni
Sede di lavoro: ROMA
Posizioni disponibili: 1 (Candidature attuali: 3 )
Tipo rapporto lavorativo: TIROCINIO/STAGE
Modalita lavorativa: FULL-TIME
Retribuzione mensile: DA 500 A 1000 Euro
Durata contratto: 3 Mesi
Importanza precedenti esperienze: Basso
Status richiesto: Laureato
Data di pubblicazione: 12/03/2018
Data scadenza: 19/03/2018

Attenzione: L'annuncio potrebbe essere ritirato, qualora l'impresa individui il profilo richiesto, prima della data di scadenza.
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